ICOS Finland has been established by the three national partners  University of Helsinki (UHEL), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), and University of Eastern Finland (UEF)  forming the ICOS Finland management board. The steering committee consists of the management board together with the operating ministries (Ministry of Education and Culture, and Ministry of Transport and Communications). Task groups take care of specific technical details of the national network.

ICOS Finland coordination office in Helsinki helps the management board in their work, organises meetings and liaises with the stakeholders and other ICOS components.

Research teams of the organisations have leading and active role in many subfields in atmospheric and Earth system research, e.g. UHEL being a well established research partner in international greenhouse gas studies and a world leader in aerosol research. FMI is one of the most research oriented European meteorological institutes with extensive monitoring network and good operational and consulting services. UEF has long-term research on the climatic effects of biogenic emissions from forests and soils as well as of aerosols.