Welcome to the ICOS Finland webpage!

ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) is a European Research Infrastructure for quantifying and understanding the greenhouse gas emissions and sinks. ICOS Research Infrastructure consists of national measurement networks which are run and funded by national institutes, universities and funding agencies in ICOS member countries, including ICOS Finland.

The ICOS network is using established routines and protocols for observations, and it produces long-term, continuous and high quality data for needs of research on climate change and biogeochemical cycles. All data produced within ICOS is quality controlled and will be freely, openly and easily available.

ICOS-ERIC head office is located in Finland.

ICOS Finland consists of 18 measurement stations. At the ICOS Finland measurement stations we study the sinks and sources of greenhouse gases in typical boreal ecosystems focusing on coniferous forests and peatlands, but including also unique sites of a lake, coastal and an urban environment.

Research teams of the ICOS Finland organisations have leading and active role in many subfields in atmospheric and Earth system research. University of Helsinki is a well-established research partner in international greenhouse gas studies, and a world leader in aerosol research. Finnish Meteorological Institute is one of the most research oriented European meteorological institutes with extensive monitoring network and good operational and consulting services. University of Eastern Finland has long-term research on the climatic effects of biogenic emissions from forests and soils as well as of aerosols.